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5/8in OD Union Fitting – Fog Creeper Distribution System


5/8in OD Vinyl Tube Union Fittings Compatible with 5/8″ Outer Diameter (OD) Vinyl Tube. Fog Creeper Distribution Fittings.

With our line of fittings and diffusers, you can configure your setup to get the look and output you desire.  See the Fog Creeper Catalog for details on the various fitting, how they work and their specs.

Fitting sizes are defined based on the part of the hose that it makes contact with.  Tube fittings are defined by the industry standard pipe size.

Compatible Pipe/Hosing: 5/8″ Outer Diameter (OD) Vinyl Tube

Videos of each fitting and the effects they produce indoor, outdoor and at different pressures will be showing up soon!

5/8 OD Union, 5/8 OD Union w/ 1-Diff, 5/8 OD Union w/ 2-Diff, 5/8 OD Union Cluster (2), 5/8 OD Union Cluster (4), 5/8 OD Union Cluster (6), 5/8 OD Union Cluster (8), 5/8 OD Union Cluster (12)


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